30 August 2018

Install latest macOS beta on your mac

Note that the stability of macOS Mojave beta cannot be guaranteed, as it often contains bugs and issues. I recommend to install it on a virtual or test machine.

Not a developer

If you are not a developer, installing the latest Apple software to your macBook, Mac Pro or iMac is as simple as following these steps. You are about to install macOS Mojave public beta, which comes out days after developer beta and is suitable for daily use.

  1. Do a TimeMachine Backup!
  2. Visit the Apple Beta Software Program website in a browser on your Mac and Sign up.
  3. Click Enroll Your Devices above the top line.
  4. Download the macOS Mojave public beta access utility and run the installer.
  5. When the installer has completed the download, the Mac App Store should open automatically showing the macOS Mojave screen. Click Download and your Mac should restart automatically after that finishes.

Your Mac should now be running the macOS Mojave Public Beta installer. Select the install location and follow the steps. For a complete picture of all of the upcoming features, visit Apple website.

Current release is macOS Mojave public beta 7.